Sorry there were ‘only 800’ Present

August 1964

South Yorkshire Times, August 1

Sorry there were ‘only 800’ Present

When the reverent G.F.Braithwaite, vicar of Conisbrough, preached in a Newfoundland cathedral while on holiday as a guest of a former Conisbrough man, he received apologies because the congregation was “so small.” – It was ONLY 800 strong!

Mr Braithwaite and his wife were staying with Dr Douglas Bostock, who with his wife emigrated to St John’s, Newfoundland, about four years ago. Dr Bostock former lived in gardens Lane, Conisbrough, and his father now lives in Marchgate flats.

“They apologised because there was such a small holiday congregation of about 800 people, as a normal Sunday congregation is about 1500,” said Mr Braithwaite on Wednesday.

“I also preached at the Garrison Church, St Thomas – founded when the St John’s was a garrison town – and here again they apologised because the gathering was only 700,” he added.

“Of course, the Church is much more the centre of the social setup over their than it is here. Nothing is sponsored by the State, so most of the schools, for instance, has sponsored by the different denominations. All youth work and nearly all social work is centred around the church.”

During their holiday. Mr and Mrs Braithwaite also contacted two other former Conisbrough residents that Mr D Hinton, formerly of Montagu Avenue, Conanby and Dr Graham, who left the district some little time ago after having been in practice with Dr D.M.Bell and Dr Douglas Clark.

To bring to a close a most enjoyable holiday, Mr and Mrs Braithwaite were treated to an unexpected “tour” when they were delivered from Gander airport 1000 miles west of Montréal due to bad weather. But they arrived back in England no later than the originally scheduled flight time.