Sought Refuge in Son’s House – Denaby Street Sleep “Washed Out”

August 1939

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Thursday 03 August 1939

Sought Refuge in Son’s House

Denaby Street Sleep “Washed Out”

Mr. Harry Smith, of 3, George Street, Denaby, preferred the warmth of a relative’s house at Wath last night to the damp atmosphere of a Denaby street.

As a protest against his inability to secure a council house Mr. Smith, who is a member of Denaby Fire Brigade, proposed to sleep in his fireman’s uniform on a couch in the street.

He has lived for some years with his father-in-law at George Street and when the latter left the house, Mr. Smith was unable to continue the tenancy since it had been granted to someone else.

The two months period which he had been given under a County Court order to find another house expired yesterday and Mr. Smith left.

He made return visit to the house yesterday evening but the doubtful weather apparently dissuaded him from his intention of sleeping outside and it was learned on inquiry from neighbours that he had gone to the home a son at Wath.