South African Bride – Conisbrough Neighbours “Friendly Folk”

August 1946

South Yorkshire Times August 24, 1946

South African Bride
Conisbrough Neighbours “Friendly Folk”


Conisborough folk are friendly people, says 25 years old Mrs Dulcie Stubbs, ex WAAS Cpl, who arrived in South Yorkshire a month ago from sunny South Africa to marry her war bridegroom, ex-Chief Petty Officer Arthur Stubbs, son of Mr and Mrs J Stubbs of 5 Burcroft Hill, Conisbrough.

She told a “South Yorkshire Times” report on Monday that she had now settled down comfortably in the country of her adoption, and despite the inclement weather from which England has been suffering since her arrival, she is favourably impressed by the Mother Country.” I do find rationing difficult, however,” she added. “We had none of that out there.”

Mrs Stubbs, who met husband when he was stationed in a transit camp in her hometown, Pietermaritzburg, was born of English parents who also met out there. For four and half years she served in the W AAS and was attached to the Medical Corps. She worked in the English military hospitals at Oribi and Howick. In January last she was demobilised, but in order to make the journey to join her fiancée, she had to wear a uniform when she came over here in a Scottish troopship a month ago.

Mrs Stubbs was married at the Wesley Methodist Church, Conisbrough by the Rev W Thynne, a week after she had set foot in England, and the couple spent their honeymoon in Yarmouth. She leaves behind in South Africa her father, Mr D Fraser, her brother Maurice who served as a flight mechanic in the RAF and Mavis, her sister who is also married to an Englishman.