Speedy and Intelligent – Conisbrough Racing Dog’s 200 Wins

March 1957

South Yorkshire Times March 16, 1957

Speedy and Intelligent
Conisbrough Racing Dog’s 200 Wins

“Quick off the mark,” and “a dog that uses his brains” are among compliments paid to the Conisbrough wonder track greyhound “Madcap Simon,” who has over 100 wins to his credit at Doncaster.

As “Mad Simon,” which is owned by Mr G Simon, of 1, Scott Road, Conisbrough is one of very few dancing in Britain that has ever had 100 wins on one track.

“Mad Simon” is quite old – 5 ½ years – but he still fast out of the “trap,” and still one of the most intelligent creatures on four legs. He started a race at Doncaster when he was about 15 months old. While still growing he broke his hind leg, now bears the mark in many stitches on it.

This set “Cocker” (as he is known at home) back a bit. He still gets not twinge in the leg, but manages to average a race per week, defying the pessimists who said his racing days were over when he had his accident.

“Mad Simon” has raced on tracks up and down the country and his total wins, discounting seconds and thirds, numbers nearly 200.

He earned his name from being so excitable off the track. “But once he gets his racing jacket on there is no doubt that, and more sensible,” said Mrs Simon on Wednesday.

He is a dog that senses when a race is drawing near and when he is to be taken out for training by Mr Simon. He gets tremendously excited whenever a car draws up to take him t o the track.

His half brother “Buster” was also a famous dog at Doncaster in his day.

“Mad Simon” is not a registered dog. This means that he has never been able to compete in the Greyhound Derby.