Spelling of Conisborough – Council Give it Up

May 1937

Mexborough and Swinton Times May 7, 1937

Spelling of Conisborough
Council Give It Up

Conisbrough Urban Council decide on Wednesday that existing spelling of “Conisbrough” should “stand as typed.”

Mr David Sheldon said his chief object was to point out the anomaly between the spellings of Conisbrough on their checks, I suggest that if the council move towards establishing “brough” as the termination of the placing, perhaps in the next generation it would become an accomplished fact.

The chairman, Mr RJ Troughton said he had received a letter from Mr Charles Chittleborough in which he stated that the proper way to spell the name of their “village” was (according to the directory of the West Riding of 1802) Conisbrough.” The chairman suggested a plebiscite to ascertain the wishes of the ratepayers.

Mr Tom Sheppard: It’s time the council stopped wasting its time.

Mr JI Webster said there was no justification for the termination ‘brough.’ Each spelling appeared to be a corruption of “borough” most of the older renderings terminating “burg” or “burgh.”

The chief financial officer Mr G Brocklesby, pointed out that the area of the urban district was not coincident with the area of your parish. If there was to be any alteration they should try to get other people to come into line.

Sage Gomersall said he did not agree with the Council tried to create something new, and the clerk, Mr Spencer Baker, pointed out that the existing order would have to be amended. It was decided by majority vote to let the matter drop.

Coronation Day Engagement

A suggested allocation of £10 to the Denaby Ambulance Band for their services on Coronation Day brought an amendment by Mr Tom Sheppard, that £5 was sufficient if view of the fact that only £4 10s had been asked for. The Council was not a philanthropic Society.

Mr Ben Roberts supported the amendment.

Mr J Humphrey suggested that the Council should not allow the band to give its services, and members of the Corps to assist on Coronation Day for nothing. If they had not offered their services, the Council would have had to invite them.

Mr H Gomersall said these were occasion on which such institutions did a ‘good deed. ‘

Mr RJ Troughton said this £4 10s mention by Mr Sheppard was merely a personal suggestion. It did not come from the band officially. The band had he said lost a contract worth £16 because they anticipated being used by the local authority.

Mr Gomersall: What is it the Black Dyke band?

Mr Humphries said this allocation would go towards band funds. At the Denaby and Cadeby colliery they were continually giving donations for equipment.

Mr Gummer has said that did not affect the Council. They rarely saw the band in the streets.

Mr RH Sheppard, refuting that statement, said Denaby and Cadeby miners and engage the band to lead them on Demonstration Day at Barnsley for nearly double this fee.

The Council decided to allocate £10.