Spiritualistic Appearances at Denaby Main

March 1889

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Friday 15 March 1889

Spiritualistic Appearances at Denaby Main

Some time ago an old woman named Gallier, living Melton street, Denaby Main, died, and her relatives leaving the cottage, the house came to be occupied by fresh family, together with a lodger.

Before long the lodger affirmed that he had seen the “ghost” of the deceased tenant, and the wife of the present one declared that she had seen the apparition more than once and that her child in arms had become frightened by it.

The manifestation from the spirit world have attracted no small amount of interest, and some leading Spiritualists, who are comparatively strong as a body in the neighbourhood, visited the house.

Their curiosity, however, was not rewarded, and the “ghost” refused to appear, because, it is said, one of the party used profane language. The husband vows that the “ghost” it is tangible, and that it has “lugged” his hair more than once.

The affair it is exciting considerable interest in “Spiritualist ” circles.