Splendid Gesture

January 1960

South Yorkshire Times Saturday, January 2, 1960

Splendid Gesture

The 100 “Good Samaritans,” construction workers who, earlier this year, had half-an-hours pay stopped from their wages to help old people, have remembered Conisbrough for the second time.

The men, employed by The Mitchell Construction Co. at High Marham (Notts.) have already given , about £600 to ten towns in South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincoln.

They have now decided to “go round again,” and Conisbrough will be the first to benefit. On the first occasion £52 contributed by the men, many of whom live in Mexborough, was used in the meals service for old people. Early in January a further £50 will be given to Conisbrough Old People’s Welfare Committee, for use in their general fund.