Sport Levy to be Continued at Denaby Despite Hard Times

August 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 19 August 1932

Sport Levy to be Continued at Denaby Despite Hard Times

Prior to Sunday morning the future of Midland League football and Yorkshire Council cricket at Denaby hung in the balance, now it is pleasing to announce that the local clubs will be able to carry on.

There were heated arguments at a mass meeting of contributors to the Sports Allocation Fund which is in operation at Denaby Main, at the Welfare Institute on Sunday. The meeting was convened to disease a reduction of the present stoppages of 1d, per week to one-third of that amount at the request of the Cadebv Main Branch of the Y.M.A.

Mr. Tom Hill, chairman of the fund, said the meeting had been called by the Sports Allocation Committee as for the system of stoppage for sport at the collieries had been criticised. The fund first organised in 1928 at a joint meeting which passed the resolution to organise the scheme, and a similar meeting would have to be called to pass a resolution to abolish the scheme. Six months ago it was unanimously decided to continue the contributions and since that day there had been much criticism.

A balance sheet was issued to all the sports organisations concerned and to the management of the Collieries. Last year they had handed over £1,051 and the only expenses incurred amounted to  £1 15s. 10d., leaving a balance in the bank of £26 9s. 0d. Owing to the pits working short time the income would be reduced to about £899 and the committee had decided to share it as follows: Denaby United Football Club. 60 per cent.; Denaby and Cadeby Cricket Club, 30 per cent.; Mexboro’ Athletic Club.8 ½ percent. “If you stop it,” he said, “atop it, but if you decide to carry on let it end your criticism.”

Mr. B. Robinson, speaking from the Cadeby Branch point of view, said neither he nor his fellow members were kill-Joys. Circumstances were bad at Cadeby Colliery and times were bad warranting the abolition of all stoppages tile men controlled. If their request was not granted they had no alternative but to ballot at the colliery.

Mr. Tom Hill said the management of colliery company were in favour of the continuance of the stoppages. A mass meeting of all employees of both pits would have to be called to terminate the fund.

Mr, W. Banks, secretary of the fund read the balance sheet for the past year. Of  the £1,051 allocated, Denabv United received £600, Denaby Cricket Club £300, Mexboreugh Athletic Club £75. Conanby United F.C. £5, Conanby Rovers F.C. £1 1s., Homing Medals £1 11s., Conisborough North Cliff F.C. £2, Homing Society Trophy £6 10s., Denaby lntermediate F.C. £2 2s.

Mr. Percy Harrison, secretary-manager of Denaby United said during the coming season they would have to manage with a 20% per cent. reduction in grants. Last year they had managed to keep their heads above water. Once out of the Midland League Denaby would never get back. Six months ago he had the confidence of that meeting and hoped he would be able to keep it.

Mr. F. Waring secretary of the cricket club, said they offered special facilities to all employees of the collieries in issuing season cards for the nominal sum of 2s.

After lengthy argument it was proposed that the stoppages should remain as at present, and Mr. B. Robinson put forward as amendment that the stoppages should be reduced by two-thirds. The resolution was carried by 101 votes to 59.