St John Ambulance Association – Presentation by WH Chambers

December 1915

Daily Gazette, Monday, 20 December 1915

St John Ambulance Association
Presentation by WH Chambers

Mr WH Chambers of the Denaby and Cadeby collieries Ltd, District Corps superintendent in the St John Ambulance Association, presented the annual decorations earned by the Mexborough division on Saturday night, and in doing so said the first aid movent had had to contend with slacking in the same way as it had been encountered by the recruiting movement.

He was amazed that a man can expect to receive competent first-aid upon emergency when he was not himself equipped with this necessary knowledge for the service of his fellows.

The knowledge which had been quietly gained by ambulance men in peaceful times was of in inestimable value now, and was appreciated as it had never been appreciated before.

The ambulance movement was enabled at a given moment, to supply the Royal Army Medical Corps with thousands of recruits who were in many cases more skilled than the Regulars.

The anticipated, in the not too very distant future, that all men went down a coal mine will be compelled by law to hold an ambulance certificate. He would brought for a piece of legislation like that with both hands. (Applause)