St Patrick’s Day at Denaby – Annual Concert (videos)

March 1906

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 24, 1906

St Patrick’s Day at Denaby
Annual Concert

One of the most enjoyable concerts held in the year at Denaby is undoubtedly the one annually held in honour of St Patrick’s Day, and this year’s event, the seventh of its kind, took place in the Rossington Street Schools and was no exception to the rule.

There was a capital attendance, and the special fund in connection with the Catholic Church should benefit considerably. This year a tea was not held, but as usual the arrangement of the concert were left in the hands of Mr T Lally, Sheffield, with the result that everyone was provided with a capital evening’s enjoyment.

The artistes, although hailing from Sheffield, were no strangers to the Denaby audience, several having song in the magnificent hall before. Mr Lally was in excellent voice, given his several numbers with an impression which at once stamps him a vocalist of no mean order. Of course, many of the songs were appropriate to the occasion;

“Ould Ireland your my darling,” Davies and “The Desert” (Emanuel), been those allotted to Mr Lali, though he, along with Mr WH Mora, game round of applause with “The moon as raise (Benedict) and “Love and War” (Cooke), also “Excelsior.”

Mr Moore how gave excellent interpretation in “In sweet Killarney,” and “Take a pair of sparkling eyes” (Sullivan). *

Miss Marshall was given full scope to her exceedingly fine voice in “Asthore” (Trotore), “Killarney,” (Balfe), and “Only for one.”

The humorous side of the programme was provided by Mr J Lodge with “You can’t diddle me” (Connor), and “Logic” (Osman), while the musical clown, “Acme” kept the audience rolling in laughter with his funniosities in his two musical interludes. His songs were witty, and his playing of the several stringed instruments very good.

Mr F Knott an old Denaby favourite, appeared with his exceedingly funny manikins, encores been demanded time after time.

The duties of the accompanist fell upon Mrs H Pybus, who in addition rendered a couple of capital overtures, “Come back to Erin” (Clarribel) * and “Tancredi” (Rossini)

Credit must be given to the committee who have had the arrangements in hand, viz Mr Feeney, Mr Brady, Mr Cantwell, Mr Jones and Mr Noone, along with a very energetic secretary, Mr Comer; while the Rev Father Kavanagh also backed up their efforts

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