St. Patrick’s Day at Denaby – Annual Concert

March 1905

Mexborough & Swinton Times, March 25th, 1905.

St. Patrick’s Day at Denaby
Annual Concert

St. Patrick Day is regarded by many of the people who reside in Denaby and district, and especially by the loyal sons of Erin, as the great event of the year, and the annual concert promoted by the members of the Roman Catholic Church is always well supported and magnificently attended.

The one held in the Rossington Street schools on Friday evening was, of course, no exception to the rule; the spacious hall was crowded to excess, and from seven o’clock until eleven the large congregation were kept in a merry and delighted state of mind, thanks to the admirable programme which had been arranged.

Needless to say, Father Kavanagh, the priest connected with the Catholic Church was deeply interested in the event, and backed up by an able and energetic committee, did his utmost to make the event a through success. This was accomplished in every respect; in fact, the attendance exceeded anything which has been witnessed at any of the previous concerts. Mr. Richard Dunn filled the arduous offices of secretary and treasurer very capably, and the complete realisation of the effort was in no small measure due to this energetic member. Mainly through his instrumentality a splendid company of artistes from Sheffield, under Mr. T. Lally attended, and gave the first concert – for really there were two combined – and their efforts met with high appreciation.

At this point it might be well to mention that the following gentlemen composed the committee, who worked very ably together: Messrs. T Corner, E. Feeney, senr.; E. Feeney, junr., J. Flaherty, John Cantwell, Joe Cantwell, J. Jones, B. Kearns, H. Kennedy, C. Rowland, and J. Boylan.

Turning again to the programme, Mr. T. Lally must indeed be congratulated upon having obtained such a capital array of talent. Madame McMullen gave several delightful songs, including ‘Come ‘ back to Erin’ and ‘Killarney’, whilst she also joined with Mr. Lally in the well-known duet ‘Excelsior.’ She possesses a splendid voice which she uses with admirable taste and expression. Mr. T. Lally’s efforts in ‘The storm fiend,’ ‘Excelsior,’ ‘Off to Philadelphia,’ as also in the duets with Mr. Moorhouse, ‘Love and war,’ ‘The Veteran’s Toast,’ and ‘The old plaid shawl,’ were well received. Mrs. Pybus’s song being the first on the programme, ‘St. Patrick’s Day’ was very appropriate, and as usual was splendidly received. Mr. Moorhouse’s items were ‘Once again,’ ‘The death of Nelson,’ and ‘In sweet Killarney,’ which were much enjoyed.

Miss Agnes Skidmore’s efforts were very highly appreciated. Her singing at once stamped her as being to the forefront. The ‘Three Green Bonnets’ was splendidly interpreted. Her recitals, ‘The Lord of Burleigh,’ the laughable ‘Lessons in lovemaking,’ and the ‘Little Girl’s First Recitation,’ were most amusing, and encores were demanded by the delighted audience. Perhaps the most amusing part of this excellent programme was the turn of Mr. F. Knott, with his mechanical mannikine and entertainment. Mr. Knott was particularly funny, and his efforts to please met with a ready response. The violin solos of Mr. M. J. Flannery were also much enjoyed.

The second concert was given by the Young Kentucky Minstrels, who have during the past few months improved wonderfully. All the members of the troupe performed excellently, their drolleries being very laughable. They kept the audience in one continual roar of laughter during the whole time they occupied the stage. Mr. T. Oldfield, who acted as interlocutor, possesses a rich baritone voice, and gave his selections in and admirable manner. The clog dancing by the Bros. Allen was also very creditably given. The programme is appended: – Opening chorus, ‘March Onward,’ the Troupe; song, ‘Molly Malone,’ Mr. Allen; song, ‘Old Kentucky,’ Mr. Bendelow; song, ‘Amanda,’ Mr. Breeze; song, ‘Asthore,’ Mr. T. Oldfield, song and dance, ‘Lonesome song,’ Mr. Allen; song, ‘Must you?’ Mr. H. Hillerby; song, ‘Blue Bell,’ Master Dean; duet, ‘Morrow,’ Bros. Knockup (Messrs. Breeze and Hillerby); song, Mr. T. Oldfield; song, ‘ When the old man came home sober,’ Mr. A. Johnson; song. ‘St. Patrick’ Mr. H. Hillerby; song, ‘Darkie millionaire,’ Mr. Allen, clog dance, Master Allen; song, ‘Reign Edward,’ Mr. T. Oldfield.