St Peters Players – “Bed of Rose’s”

December 1955

South Yorkshire Times, December 10, 1955

St Peters Players
“Bed of Rose’s”

Conisbrough St Peters Player’s presentation of Falkland L Carey’s comedy “Bed of Rose’s, ”which is being given in the Church Hall, Conisbrough this week is very commendable.

Under the experienced direction of producer Edith Urch, who has a major role in the play, the Players give of their best in a comedy which gives plenty of scope to each character.

The actors work hard and the result is always pleasing. Josephine Moody, at 18 the youngest member of the cast, makes a notable debut as the pert and rather sophisticated schoolgirl. She obtaines a good share of the laughter in a part in which she appears well cast.

Phillis Drabble, as a sharp tongued Mrs Blisden, who never run short of apt quotations, makes many good openings for the ever critical Matt Pickersgill, played by Brian Panther. Mr Draburchble makes a spending jobs comforter for the ailing Rose Pickersgill, admirably portrayed by Edith Urch, who must have worked tremendously hard to master her role and produce the play.

Brian Panther is a good father, but I couldn’t help thinking on Wednesday that he appeared rather young to be the father of two grown-up daughters. However, he does extremely well.

Kathleen Price (Jenny Pickersgill) shows that she, too, is a welcome newcomer to the Players. She ably personates a young and attractive girl with boyfriend trouble.

The boyfriends, G Alec Taylor (Bob Huggins) and Norman Humphries (Basil Graves) are grand couple of laughter raisers.

Archie Westlake (Dr Raheny) and Margaret Otley (May Rossiter) make brief appearances, but succeed with convincing performances.

The Players can be justifiably proud of very fine set which, I understand, is the work of Mr JJ Urch.

The play concludes tomorrow (Saturday).