Stealing a Medal at Conisborough

October 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 28, 1905

Before Ald. Chadwick (presiding), Mr Coulman and Mr J. Hodgson.

Stealing a Medal at Conisborough.

A Barnsley glass named Thomas Rook was charged in custody with having stolen a gold medal at Conisborough, the property of Arthur Marton; a glass founder.

The prosecutor, in giving evidence, said he was a glass founder, and resided at 9 William Street, new Conisborough. He knew the prisoner, who came to lodge with him about the middle of April, but left on 2 October without giving any notice. He was formerly employed at the same place as prosecutor. He remembered 20 September, when he saw the gold medal produced in a draw upstairs. On 3 October, he missed it, and he valued it at £1 1s. Prisoner had no right to take it away and on 9 October. He took out a warrant. Upon one occasion he lent him from Tuesday to Saturday to pawn, as the prisoner required money. He brought it back all right,

James Taylor, manager from Mr Joseph Hargreaves Bailey, of Barnsley, residing at 149 Park Road, said he remembered Tuesday, 3 October, prisoner coming into the shop and offered the medal produced in pledge. In answer to witness, prisoner said it was his property. And he advanced him 7/6 upon it. He gave the name of T. Smith, of James Street. The medal was redeemed on the fourth.

Henry Patrick Higgins said he was a fruit dealer, of 40, Park Grove, Barnsley, and he knew the prisoner Rook, having been acquainted with him for about nine months. He remembered seeing him on Wednesday, the 4th inst., at the Market Place, Barnsley, between 4 and 5 o’clock in the afternoon. He came to him and showed him a pawn ticket for a gold medal pledged at Bailey’s for 7/6. He said he would like to sell the ticket, but he said it was no good to him, but eventually bought it from him for2/-. He said he had won the medal in a boxing contest at Wakefield Circus. He redeemed them medal the same day, and the one produced was the same.

C. Wales stationed at new Conisborough, said at 3 pm on the 19th inst he received the prisoner into custody from the West Riding police at Wakefield. In reply, he said “It’s a lie, he gave me the medal to pawn, and that’s not stealing it.” The prisoner pleaded not guilty, stating that the medal, was in pawn when the prisoner said it was in the drawer.

The chairman said there was no doubt he stole the medal, and he would have to go to Wakefield for 14 days.