Strange Love Affair At Conisbro’ – Disappearance of Ex-Policeman.

October 1887

Sheffield Independent – Monday 17 October 1887

Strange Love Affair At Conisbro’
Disappearance of The Ex-Policeman.

It will be remembered that a short time ago, when the Vicar of Conisbro’ was announcing the banns between a young lady resident in the village and an ex-policeman of Nottingham, a scene occurred in the Pariah Church.

A stranger in the middle of the congregation rose and said she had ” just cause” to object to the parties being married. At the close of the service she stated that the intended bridegroom had promised her marriage, and that they had been courting at Nottingham several years. So much did she bemoan the heartless conduct of her swain that she attempted to poison herself.

However, the wedding day drew near, and excitement was high amongst the villagers. The bride and the Vicar, and others concerned, were duly at the sanctuary on the marriage morning, but the bridegroom was non est for some little time. Just as people were beginning to fancy the ex-policeman had repented the choice he had made, he entered the edifice. In reply to a question why he had kept the bride waiting, he made use of the remarkable phrase. “Business before pleasure,” adding that he had been in the harvest field.

The marriage has not proved one of the happiest, and a week ago the husband disappeared. Inquiries being made at Nottingham, it was also ascertained that the ex-policeman’s former lady-love was also absent from home. The young wife had previously detected her husband in the act of writing to the Nottingham lady. On Saturday the wife went to Doncaster and communicated with the police.