Strange Names Of Old Denaby

March 1951

South Yorkshire Times March 24, 1951

Strange Names Of Old Denaby

Two of the oldest farms in Old Denaby have two of the strangest names. The home of the Downings is called “Range Farm” and that of the Gavan family “Engine House Farm.”

The Downing’s farm was formerly called “Rage Farm” because standing on a hill it took the full blast of all winds and rain. How the “n” came in to make the name “Range” has often been discussed locally, but no logical explanation has yet been given.

“Engine House Farm” dates back to 1665, though it did not get its present name until the late Mr. John Cranidge, then owner of the farm, acquired a double steam engine for grinding corn, sometime during the latter half of the 19th Century. The date is not known.

Nothing remains of the “Range” original farmhouse, and the engine room where the double steam engine was kept, at “Engine House Farm” has also been demolished.