A Rough Customer at Conisbro’

July 1899

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 14, 1899

A Rough Customer at Conisbro’

Christopher Chappell, glass hand, of New Conisbro’ was summoned for having been drunk and disorderly at Conisborough on the first inst.

The defendant did not appear, and PC Wall proved the service of the summons, and stated that the offence was committed at 8:55 in the evening.

The defendant was creating a disturbance near the Alma Inn, Conisborough. He was surrounded by a crowd. He was very drunk and use very bad language. His clothes were torn off his back. He was taken away by some of his friends.

Arthur Moody, keeper of the Alma Inn beer house, said the defendant came into the Alma Inn about 8:40 and the witness ordered him out. Instead of going, he commenced to quarrel with another man. The witness took the other man by the “scruff” of the neck, and got him away.

The defendant then commenced to quarrel with the witness, and the witness turned him out.

A fine of 20 shillings, including costs was imposed.