Straying Cows at Conisbro’

July 1899

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 14, 1899

Straying Cows at Conisbro’

William Bradbury, farmer, Conisbro, was summoned for having on 30 June, allowed seven cows to stray on the highway at Conisborough.

PC Duffin said that on this date mentioned he watched the cows for a considerable time, and then made enquiry as to whom they belong. He afterwards went to Ferry farm which was occupied by the defendant, when he saw one of the farm servants.

The following day he examined the fence and the gateway belonging to the field where the cows should have been kept, and he found the fence in a very bad state indeed. The cows were straying at a distance of about three quarters of a mile from the field where they ought to have been.

PC Waller said he had previously had occasion to caution the defendant about the cows straying.

The defendant, who did not appear, was fined seven shillings and 4/6 costs.