Street Betting.

August 1922

Penistone, Stocksbridge and Hoyland Express – Saturday 19 August 1922

Street Betting.

A Conisboro’ bookmaker named Osric Gascoigne was charged at Doncaster on Saturday with street betting at Conisboro’ last Friday, and pleaded guilty.

P.c. Baker said he saw about thirty, persons—men, women and children—go to the defendant, who, on the constable’s approach, ran through some back streets to his house. He was followed and searched, and fifty slips relating to 155 bets on horses at Ayr and Windsor were found on him.

When charged with the offence, Gascoigne said, “Well, I have done very well. I have had three months at it; I cannot grumble.”

Supt. Minty said that although severe penalties were being imposed in similar cases, which were constantly occurring, the practice still continued.

Defendant, who said he intended to give up betting now, was fined £10. .