Street Betting at Conisboro’. – “This is a Fair Cop, Mister.”

August 1921

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 27 August 1921

Street Betting at Conisboro’.

“This is a Fair Cop, Mister.”

On Saturday, at the Doncaster Police Court, George Steadman, an ex-soldier of Conisboro’. was fined £5 forstreet betting at New Conishoro’ on Thursday.

Between 12-30 and 12-40 the police saw six men go up to him and hand him slips and what appeared to be money. He was arrested, and when charged said he had only had six slips. The police said there were 16 slips found in his possession relating to 48 bets, ranging trom 7s. 6d. to 6d.

Prisoner said he had recently come out of the army with £10, and he thought he would use it as bad been described. He had only tried to get a living, and these proceedings would “take the crust of bread out of his mouth.

In the second case. John Willie Prince, a miner, of Conisborough, who was similarly fined, was said on the Friday to have been seen near to the churchyard. Several men were seen to go to him and hand him something which he placed in his pocket. When arrested he said: “This is a fair cop, mister.”

When searched he was found in possession of 10 slips relating to 55 bets, ranging from 3s. to 1s., And he had £5 12s 11 ½ in cash. He pleaded for a chance and said he had only been at it a fortnight.