Street Lamps

February 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 05 February 1932

Street Lamps

A dangerous practice and one to be deprecated is the growing tendency of children to play at nights in the main streets round the lamps.

We find it in most streets, perhaps most noticeably in Tickhill Street. Some of the lamps there are of the larger type and it is a fairly busy street at times. All the games in their seasons are played round the lamps. The danger lies in the fact that some children are very small and seem not to heed the traffic when warned of its approach.

One sometimes sees elder children wait till the traffic is near, then dart across the road and think they have had good sport. This dangerous practice should certainly stop and parents are advised to warn their children against it.

Some of the lights on the Northcliffe Crags have been conspicuous by their absence for a few weeks and pedestrians from that area are complaining about it.

The light at the cemetery end has been “off” for quite a time.