Street Music at Conisborough

December 1898

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 2, 1898

Street Music at Conisborough

I say, what a grand place, Conisborough must be for those men stump the country with a barrel organ or a street piano.

Some days you can see two of these musicians (?) In one street at the same time. I know if they were not patronised by some people better than I patronise them they would not come so often!

I did once give a copper to one of these men who grind out music by the yard to go away from my door, but I have rued that action ever since, as every week since then, he has come and planted himself before my window, and ground out every tune he had in the box. So I think he has earned that copper.

If he does not stop coming, I shall buy a bull dog and let him loose on the musical day