Striking a “black sheep” at Denaby Main

December 1885

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 4, 1885

Striking a “black sheep” at Denaby Main

Daniel Price was placed in the dock charged with assaulting Thomas Wilcock at Denaby on the 23rd inst.

Defendant pleaded guilty.

Complainant said last Monday he was in the Reresby Arms with two of three friends, about 8 o’clock at night. The defendant asked him for a pint of beer, but he gave no answer.

Witness went to the bar, and then one of his friends said the defendant had no money, he could not pay for any if they served him.

Defendant said “You —- you are trying to stop me,” and then struck his friend. He also struck witness, saying “Take that you —- Black sheep.” Witness was one of the new men. He had done nothing to provoke defendant.

By defendant: his friend was not drunk, and the landlord did not refuse him beer. He told the magistrates on Wednesday that he had had three teeth knocked out. He had had only one knocked out, however, but he expected that the other two would come out, for they were loose.

A waiter at the Reresby Arms then give evidence. The defendant entered the house and asked witness to lend him 6d. A minute after Woodcock came in with his friends and ordered a pint of beer, and then defendant got hold of the one of the complainant friends by the scarf, and nearly choked him. Defendant then struck Woodcock in the mouth, but no provocation was given. He did not see any teeth knocked out, but he saw his mouth bleeding.

Evidence of like nature was given by two more servants employed at the public house.

Defendant said he struck Woodcock in self defence.

Fined £3 pounds and costs, or one months imprisonment