Struggle with the Prisoner at Conisborough – Policeman Badly Used

March 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 23, 1907

Struggle with the Prisoner at Conisborough
Policeman Badly Used

At Doncaster on Tuesday, James Holland bricklayers labourer, Conisborough was charged with being drunk and disorderly and assaulting PC Walton and damaging a uniform at Conisborough.

On Saturday night the constable saw prisoner in Star Lane, Conisborough creating a disturbance, and told him to be quiet and go home, but he refused. The officer attempted to apprehend him, and they closed, and both fell.

Prisoner hit him on the left arm, kicked him on the knee, and about the legs and shins. He was kicked five or six times. Whilst they were on the ground prisoner tore his trousers. Witness blew his whistle and William Jones, blacksmith, came and helped to take him to the police station. On the way prisoner was violent and said “I’ll finish you before we get there.”

Cross-examined the officer denied that he went to the public house and ordered prisoner out.

It was admitted that prisoner struck the officer once, but it was denied that he was so drunk that he need to be locked up.

Prisoner was committed to prison for two months with hard labour for the assault of a being drunk and disorderly was fined 5/- and 4/- costs or seven days in prison.