Success of the Veteran – Money Match at Doncaster

January 1920

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 27 January 1920

Success of the Veteran
Tommy Stokes wins Money Match at Doncaster
Crossley Commits A Foul.

The principal contest at the tournament at the Corn Exchange Doncaster, last night, between Herbert Crossley, of Mexborough, who recently won a Novices’ heavy-weight competition at the N.S.C., and the wed-known veteran, Tommy Stokes, of Denaby Main, came to a summary conclusion in the third round, Stokes winning on a foul.

This money match had aroused so much interest in South Yorkshire that the hall was crowded, the attendance being the biggest seen at the series of tournaments promoted by Mr. W. Bridgewater. The contest, opened somewhat tamely, Crossley, leading off with his left, and in the first minute Stokes stumbled and fell to the boards, but was quickly on his feet, exhibiting, considerable ringcraft.

In the second round Stokes improved, but again fell to the boards. Crossley had slightly the better of the exchanges

On the third round opening Stokes over-reached himself, and Crossley succeeded in scoring twice. Then Stokes, in another rush, sent in a swinging blow wide of the objective, and the impetus brought him to his knees again. Crossley, following up, struck out a swinging blow, which struck his opponent on the head.

There were loud cries for a foul, and a scene of great disorder ensued. When silence was obtained, the referee, Mr. Tom Gamble, of Manchester, allowed a foul, and disqualified Crossley.