Suffering Pit Pony – Breaches of Rules at Denaby and Cadeby.

March 1907

Breaches of Special Colliery Rules at Denaby and Cadeby.
A Suffering Pit Pony.

M. Gichard, solicitor, Rotherham representing the Denaby and Cadeby Collieries Company Ltd., appeared to prosecute several defendants for breaches of special colliery rules

William Hayes and Fred K. Waterhouse, driver and pit corporal respectively, were summoned for breach of special colliery rule 83, is not reporting the fact that a pony was suffering from an injury to the mouth, in consequence of which it was kept working well in a unfit state, and must have suffered considerable pain.

Jack Tomkinson, horse keeper in the Cadeby Main Colliery, were  the negligence occurred, said that the pony was still unfit for work.

Defendant pleaded not guilty.

Evidence was given indicating that the animal was bleeding profoundly from the mouth, and that its tongue was nearly torn out.

Hayes was ordered to pay 40/– including costs.