Suggestion for Help with African School Fees

March 1967

South Yorkshire Times March 11, 1967

Suggestion for Help with African School Fees

A 23 year old Conisbrough man has written to his parents from Kenya asking if money can be raised by the church to help pay the school fees of African boys.

To “O” level

Mr Roger Appleyard eldest son of Mr and Mrs W. H. Appleyard, of March Dene, Chapel Lane, Conisbrough, is teaching history in English to “O” level at a secondary school in Kericho, and in his letter home he says,

“The boys have to pay school fees of about £25 a year and needless to say that it is a great deal of money. Some of the best boys, therefore, are sometimes unable to get the cash and have to leave school. Besides this we could do with some books for the school library.”

Great Fun

Mr Appleyard, who graduated in Law at Leeds University and is engaged in voluntary service work, has begun teaching English to some of their old men in Kericho.

“They are full of enthusiasm and it really is great fun,” he says “a small amount of cash here would help tremendously, since basic things like the paper they have to write on would not cost much.”

His mother told their “South Yorkshire Times”, “Roger has told us that some of the handymen and house boys probably receive about 120 shillings a month and save 100s. to educate their boys.”

She added, “We don’t think the Parish Church will be able to help as they are already committing with missionary work, but we hope that we can get some response. If anyone cares to contact me I can arrange for the money to be sent out there. I know the boys work very hard.”