Suicide at Conisborough

May 1908

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 20 May 1908

Suicide at Conisborough.

The story of an old Conisborough man’s death was unfolded at an inquest held there yesterday.

The deceased, Edwin Chadwick (67), a stonemason lived at 9, Dearne Street.

Two months ago he lost his employment, and a month ago his wife went to Bradford to spend a holiday with her son. In her absence, according to the evidence, the deceased took to drink, and grew depressed at his failure find work, sold all his furniture, and was last seen alive on Saturday morning by Charlotte Kelley (16), the daughter of neighbour.

This witness said that on Monday morning two girls called to collect rents, and she accompanied them to deceased’s house. Entering it, they were startled to see the deceased hanging from the bannisters, with rope round his neck.

Police-constable Haylock was called, and he cut down the body.

The jury entered a verdict of “Suicide whilst temporarily insane.”