Suicide at Conisborough.

February 1899

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Monday 27 February 1899

Suicide at Conisborough.

At the Red Lion Hotel, Conisborough, this morning, Mr. F. E. Nicholson, district Coroner, held inquest touching the death of Jane Watkinson, aged 51 years, whose body was recovered from the river at Conisborough on Saturday night, the husband stated that deceased late had been very depressed and despondent, which fact was also testified to several of the jury.

When he awoke on Saturday morning at five o’clock he missed his wife. A cape and man’s cap were found on the bank about nine o’clock, and dragging operations were quickly commenced.

The body was recovered about half past four by Sidney Mountjoy.

A verdict the effect that the “deceased committed suicide whilst temporarily insane” was returned by the jury.