Sunday School Queen Crowning Abandoned

June 1946

South Yorkshire Times June 15, 1946

Sunday School Queen Crowning Abandoned

The Conisborough Joint Sunday School Committee were disappointed on Monday when the rain causes an abandonment of the outdoor proceedings they had planned for the Sunday school procession, the crowning of the Sunday school Queen and the sports.

The children assembled in the Wesley Methodist Church (instead of the castle grounds) for crowning of the Queen. Miss Mary Betteridge (St. Andrews Mission) by Mrs. Heaslett (Grenoside). Daughter-in-law of Bishop Heaslett.

The Wesley Methodists, Parish church, St Andrews Mission, knew Hill Methodists and Baptist Church Sunday schools were all represented.

The Rev. W. Thynne (Methodist minister) presided and addressed the children and Mr M. J. Cuttell, president of the committee addressed the adults. Mr J. Randall led the singing and Mr Allendale was at the organ. Afterwards the children dispersed to their own Sunday schools for tea. It had been planned to hold sports in the welfare grounds. But these were cancelled although it is hoped that some of the Sunday schools may hold sports separately at a later date.