Sunday School Tea and Entertainment

February 1886

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 26, 1886

Sunday School Tea and Entertainment

On Wednesday the Sunday school children and friends had a tea and entertainment in the New schoolroom, Denaby Main.

After the tables had been removed and the room prepared for the entertainment, the Rev. T. Horsfall took the chair.

One of the choir boys sang ‘Come, bird come,’ which was well received by the audience.
A recitation was next given by Mr. Walter James Gill, of Mexboro’, who had to make a second appearance.

Miss Emerton sang ‘Shy Robin’ with great taste.

Mr. Hughes sand ‘The ghost in good style, and brought down the house.

Mr. Beardsley gave us a pianoforte solo selections from ‘Martha’ with much effect.

Mrs. Sylvester, of Mexboro’, sang ‘I’d better bide a wee’ in an excellent style.

Mr. Houldsworth gave in his usual style the reading ‘A night in a grave.

The choir then gave ‘ The village chorister,’ and the Rev. A. D. Sylvester sang with great taste ‘When other lips.’
Trio, by Mrssrs. Hall, Whittham, and W. Stanley, entitled ‘A farm well tilled,’ which was well received.
Dr. Smith (Denaby) read ‘Billy’s rose.’ ‘He’s as good as gold.’ was sung with great taste by Miss Braithwaite, of Denaby. Mr. B. Wall sang ‘Mother’s love,’ and Mr. J. Wall gave ‘The anchor’s weighed.’
Mr. Sylvester (who is always well received) sang ‘The very identical flute,’ which was redemanded, and Mr. Hughes gave his favourite song. ‘I don’t know which to choose.’ ,

When there’s love at home,’ was given with great taste by Misses Ellen Senior, Rose Ferridy and Jane Ferridy. After which Mr. Smith proposed, and Mr. Sylvester seconded, a vote of thanks to the ladies for the cheerful way in which they had undertaken to provide tea on that occasion.

The meeting was brought to a close by singing the National Anthem.