Supermarket opened at Denaby

April 1965

South Yorkshire Times April 10, 1965

Supermarket opened at Denaby

The opening of Denaby Main’s first supermarket is not intended as a blow to local small shopkeepers, was the assurance given on Tuesday by Mr. Harry Round, proprietor of Fairway Supermarkets, when he opened the first local streamlined self-service store in Doncaster Road, Denaby.

Mr. Round told the “South Yorkshire Times” that he believed in a policy of “peaceful co-existence”, and added, “I am not setting out to harm local shopkeepers. They have their own personal customers and there is no reason why they should not continue to do well. If anybody is hurt it will be because they are not doing their job properly.”

Mr. Round said, “Our aim is to raise the standard of living in the area. Naturally, we intend to make a profit, but we shall see it is a minimum profit.”

Mr. Round was pleased with the first day’s response by Denaby shoppers. His supermarket, part of a chain based in Doncaster, has taken a year to complete in the shell of the former T.A. Drill Hall. A wide variety of groceries is offered, and the range may be extended.

“When resale price maintenance is removed we shall stock every line we can possibly find room for, and which justifies inclusion by popular demand,” Mr. Round added.