Support Needed for Ellershaw Youth Club

January 1966

South Yorkshire Times January 22, 1966

Support Needed

People of Conisbrough’s Ellershaw estate are letting down the local youth by not giving enough support, says one resident who writes under the signature of “Regular Supporter”, in a letter to the “South Yorkshire Times.”

He states, “I would like to ask all who have children as members of Ellershaw Youth Club to wake up to the facts. There is a hard core of staunch supporters, but they are few in number. Some have no children, or their children are not members, so they are supporting the club for your children, when you are not”.

The club’s fundraising competitions lack support, he adds, with parents of children who are members patronising competitions and bingo elsewhere, where the the prize-money is more. “All the regulars have heard these excuses and in every case the next thing said his when are the kiddies parties”? “If you are one of those who have lost interest in this way, then that interest for the sake of your children, or I can foresee the day when even the long-suffering committee will also lose interest and the club will be close.

Wake up Ellershaw. Let’s make our community centre the best supported for miles around.” The writer adds.“I am not related in any way to the committee and this letter will be just as much a surprise to them as it is to the readers”.