Surveyor’s List of Public Footpaths in Conisborough and Denaby

August 1926

Mexborough & Swinton Times, August 20, 1926

Surveyor’s List of Public Footpaths in Conisborough and Denaby

Our Surveyor has prepared a list of the public footpaths in the district and this calls to mind Coun. H. W. Gillott’s election addresses. I quote from his address in 1925. ‘In the days of old there were many bridle roads and footpaths across the fields which have been the right of the people for centuries, and these rights have been gradually taken away.’

It would appear that the list is the result of Mr. Gillott’s efforts. I quote the list so that residents may know where they can take their strolls freely and in safety. Here are the paths in our urban district: –

From Castle Grove Terrace over the Ferry and along the lane leading to Cadeby Village.

From the Castle Inn to Low Road by Kearsley Dam.

From the Castle Inn along Windgate Hill to Conisborough Cliffs.

From the Castle Inn along Milner Gate Lane to Doncaster Road.

From Windgate Hill across Milner Gate Lane to Doncaster Road opposite to the old quarry.

From Doncaster Road along Drake Head Lane to New Edlington.

From Sheffield Road through the Holywell Works across the Pigotts Allotments to Kearsley Lane.

From Sheffield Road across the fields lying west of the Holywell Works to Kearsley Lane, across the Brook and thence to Parks Farm and Conisborough Lodge Farm.

From Park Road along the lane by Mr. Watson’s bungalow and branching westwards behind Lime Grove to Rock House, and eastwards to Spring Grove at the end of Holywell Lane.

From Spring Grove to March Street by Croft House.

From March Gate alongside the Brook to Old Hill.

From Low Road to Doncaster Road (Star Lane).

From High Street to Castle Avenue (Pop Lane).

From High Street to Church Street across the Churchyard.

From Elm Green Lane opposite Wellgate across North Cliff Hill to Low Road by Conisborough Station with branch from North Cliff Road.

From the end of North Cliff Road across the Recreation Ground to Wadworth Street between the Denaby United Football Ground and the Roman Catholic Church and also to Hickhill Square passing the new burial ground at Denaby Main.

From Doncaster Road, Denaby Main, by the Bone Mill Cottages to Old Denaby Lane passing Vyner’s Cottage.

From Old Denaby Lane to Bolton Street along Black Lane. From Old Denaby Lane to the end of Thrybergh Terrace.