Swastikas Painted On Conisbro’ Walls

August 1960

South Yorkshire Times August 13, 1960

Swastikas Painted On Conisbro’ Walls

Large swastikas and slogans—”Death to The English”—which have been daubed in black paint on an empty house In High Street, have shocked many Conisbrough people.

Some of the swastikas, which are clearly painted, are four feet across. One slogan covers the length of an inner corridor.

Police are investigating the matter, and Coun, W, Mannion, a member of the Urban member of the Urban Council, declared: “The whole business is deplorable. We shall do everything we can to eliminate such stupidity.”

The house, which stands in its own grounds and has more than 40 rooms, is under a Demolition Order. “That makes no difference. It would be just as wrong, no matter where they painted them,” Coun. Mannion added.