Swimming Baths Not Used Enough – Surprise at Denaby

June 1956

South Yorkshire Times, June 30th 1956

Swimming Baths Not Used Enough.
Surprise at Denaby.

Although Denaby Baths are popular enough with the youngsters there is very little support from the adult population in the area.

Coun. George Cheshire, said at Monday’s meeting of Conisbrough Urban Council that there was very poor support from adults, even though the Baths Committee had been careful when arranging the Baths timetable. ‘We have even cut down some of the swimming time for the children, and added it to the adults’ time but it has made no difference’ he said.

‘It is awful to hear this news when we have spent a great deal of time and trouble to get the baths established’ said Ald. Ben Roberts , Chairman of the Council.