Talkative Conisborough Man

September 1910

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 03 September 1910

Talkative Conisborough Man

“I admit having had a little drop of drink, but I’ll be blowed if I was drunk, your worships,” declared Charles Stevenson, labourer, New Conisbrough.

PC Grimshaw said the man was drunk and disorderly on August 20.

So did PC Lockwood, who said defendant was very drunk, use disgraceful language jostled people off the footpath, and, in fact almost knocked the officer himself down.

“I used no bad language, officer; speak the truth,” indignantly spoke out Stevenson.

The Chairman enquired if you had anything else to say.

“Yes, your Worship,” replied Charles, “I have a lot to say. To begin with I should like you to go out to the public that when I was fined three weeks ago for being drunk and disorderly, it was only my second and not my fifth appearance, as the papers had it. This is only the third time I’ve been here, so that I’m not as black as I look. In seven years I’ve only been here twice, which conclusively denotes that I’m a respectable sort of man.”

The Chairman was handed a list of previous offences, and read out several to Stevenson.

He admitted been in court twice before.

The Chairman suggested that he might have been fined but had not attended court.

“That’s a horse of another colour, Chairman,” replied Stevenson. “I expect they’ll have me up again in another fortnight.”

The Chairman: have you anything else to say

Defendant: I said too much already, I can see.

He was fined 13/-

“Will you allow me a fortnight to pay?” He asked the Chairman, in the meekest tones possible.

“See the police about that,” said the Chairman.