Denaby Utd Player – Taylor, Matt

January 1923

Matthew Taylor, the Denaby United right back, is one of most powerful men as well as among the most competent defenders in Midland league football.

He is a likeable lad and has everybody’s good word. Mexborough, “fans” felt very sorry when he deserted them for Denaby, but they could not find it in their hearts to be angry.

Matt, has played all his football in the district. He graduated with MexboroughLoco in the latter war years, at the time when that club were struggling to keep football alive in the town until better days. He was promptly swept into the net. When the town formed a new Midland league club, and he played for them for three seasons, first as left half, and then as right back. He was very sound in both positions, and had a large share the reputation for cast iron defence that the Mexborough club has earned in Midland league circles.

Very steady, very sure, fearless, but discreet, he is as safe this year as he is sure to tackle.

Several other clubs have looked him over, and if he had more timber to him, he could well have had his choice. Then he might not have been so speedy and agile.

Denabyhave done well to get him, and he has already proved this season that the colour of a shirt makes no difference to him.