Tea and Christmas Tree

January 1915

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 16, 1915

Tea and Christmas Tree

A most successful and enjoyable tea and Christmas tree function was held on Wednesday evening in the Rossington Street large Hall, under the auspices of the workers with the Loversall Street Mission and St Chad’s mission, assisted by some of the workers of the Parish Church.

Some 250 people sat down to tea. The tables, which were tastefully decorated, were presided over by the ladies of the respective Sunday schools and representatives of the mothers meeting
The children were afterwards entertained to tea, and a larger number attended. The tree, which was cut from the estate of Mr J.S.H.Fullerton, was beautifully decorated with toys. Various other competitions were promoted by the workers, including bran tubs and fishing pond, for which a vast amount of enjoyment was indulged. Brisk trade was witness at each competition.

The role of “Father Christmas” was undertaken by two Denaby gentlemen who carried out their duties as distributors in the most admirable manner, causing roars of laughter from the children
Thanks are extended to all the ladies and gentlemen kindly gave refreshments et cetera. Credit is due to the workers was strewn and devoted in all of their spare time working towards this function

The proceeds to be devoted to the Sunday School funds. On leaving the school each child received an orange