Teaching Vacancies – Many Applicants for Conisborough Post

February 1937

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 12, 1937

Teaching Vacancies
Many Applicants for Conisborough Post

It was reported at yesterday’s meeting of the Conisborough Education Subcommittee that there had been 23 applicants for the vacant position of art master at Conisborough Senior Selective School. The following teachers are to be invited to attend for interview: Mr John D. Nelson, Berwick on Tweed; Mr R. W. L. Walden, Wrexham; and Mr Norman Glew, Leeds.

There were, however, only four applicants for the position of a woman teacher for the Denaby Main Infant School. The Clerk said that one of these was a married woman whose husband was at present working, and another had already secured another position. This left only two – Miss Beryl Myles, Bridgend, Glamorgan, and Miss Megan M. Jones, Essex.

There was some discussion on the advisability of advertising again, but the chairman (Mr H. Gomersall) remarked that there was a dearth of infant teachers, and eventually it was decided to ask the two applicants to present themselves for an interview on Wednesday. Plans were submitted for the committee’s approval for the alterations at the Balby Street School, Denaby, where new cloakrooms and outbuildings for the infants are to be built at an estimated cost of £1,160 the plans were accepted by the committee.

Mrs Wright asked whether it would not be advisable to put forward to the county education committee and the request that electric light be installed in the Balby Street Infant School. The lighting was very bad, and some alteration was essential.

The Clerk (Mr E. B. Stockdale) said that he would send another letter to the county authority.

The four days’ extra holiday which have been given this year by the Board of Education to celebrate the coronation were fixed for Monday night, May 10th to Friday, May 14th

The Clerk read a letter from the county authority, stating that they intended from April 1 to adopt a system whereby teachers who do not give complete satisfaction in one school may be moved to another school in a different area, in the hope that the change of environment will bring about improvement. The committee thought this idea a good one, and expressed willingness to conform to it.