Temporary Club Steward Vanished with Cash at Conisbrough

August 1956

South Yorkshire Times August 4, 1956

Temporary Club Steward
Vanished with Cash at Conisbrough

A relief steward of the Ivanhoe Working Men’s club, Conisbrough, told Doncaster West Riding magistrates on Saturday, after taking over their stewardship for a fortnight, things got on top of him and he decided to get out.

Henry Horace Powell (46) miner, of Sycamore Grove, Conisbrough, pleaded guilty to stealing as servant, £24 7s 0d property of the Ivanhoe club, Ivanhoe Road, Conisbrough. He was fined £15 and ordered to repay the stolen money. Prosecuting, chief inspector A Todd said that Powell had been a temporary steward for a fortnight, while the regular steward was on holiday.

He said the treasurer of the club collected the money in the evenings and left Powell a certain amount as a “float”.

On this occasion he left him £24 7s 0d as a “float”. But the next morning Powell’s wife found that her husband and the money had disappeared. She informed the police. Chief Inspector Todd added that Powell took over the job in July 6th and was reported missing on July 19th.

On Friday, July 27th Powell was seen by Detective officer Bell, the chief inspector went on and Powell said: “Hello, I was just coming down to give myself up.” He then made a statement admitting the theft, he said.

In the statement, Powell said: “I took the job for a fortnight, which is one of the busiest in the year, and things got on top of me so I decided to get out. I took the money.”

In court Powell said: “I admit what I have done. I worked hard while I was in the club. I came to this part of the country from Bishop Auckland and have made good friends in this part of the world. “If I am sent to prison, my wife and four children will be turned in the streets, because I am living in a colliery house.

“The day I did this I received information that my sister was going to be locked away and what with this and the club, it was too much for me. Luckily it proved that she was not going to be locked away. “I will make good in Doncaster if I get this chance.”