Temporary Suspension in Conisbrough’s Housing Programme

April 1957

South Yorkshire Times April 20, 1957

Temporary Suspension in Conisbrough’s Housing Programme

although there is still a waiting list of over 240, Conisbrough Urban Council decided last night (Wednesday) to suspend the time being, their housing programme.

70 houses already started on the Old Road site will be completed, the proposed scheme for old. Glow’s will not be stop, and the houses needed for slum clearance will still be built, but other proposals will be suspended.

The reasons given for this because of financial restrictions, higher interest rates involving increased loan charges, and the withdrawal of subsidies.

A council official could not say how long the suspension would last; officially it is a “temporary suspension.”

The Council as at present about 1070 houses, and are in the stages of acquiring a site on Old Road for the building of 212 houses.

An official said that they would carry on with the acquisition of land although only 70 of the 212 houses will be completed at present. He added that some of the land would be needed for houses for slum clearance.

At last night’s meeting Councillor Jim Prendergast, Chairman of the Housing Committee, said that the credit restriction was causing great concern among local authorities.

“I feel certain the prospects are not good, and we are left with no alternative. The Government told us to concentrate on slum clearance and now they have succeeded in their efforts,” he said.