Tenancy for Boy of 15? – Conisboro’ Suggestion Referred Back By Council

April 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times, April 12, 1941

Tenancy for Boy of 15?

Conisboro’ Suggestion Referred Back By Council

A long discussion on a recommendation of the Housing Committee of Conisborough Council that a 15-year-old boy be allowed to become tenant of a Council house took place at a meeting of the Council last night, when Coun. A. M. Carlin said that a committee had not the power to alter a decision of the Council.

Coun. Carlin moved reference back of a minute of the Housing Committee which contained the committee’s resolution to suspend standing orders to enable transfer of tenancy from father to son of the house in question.

A further resolution in the same minute asked that the present tenants be required to furnish guarantors that rent and rates would be paid.

Coun. Carlin said he was not satisfied with what had been done and maintained that if the Council did this they would have to suspend standing orders for any little thing which came along.

Coun. Carlin said they would have set a precedent and would have no grounds for right of redress in case of non-payment of rent and rates. The auditors would not approve this it they became aware the Council had no grounds for redress. “We have set a dangerous precedent in letting houses to infants,” he said.

“I know another one who is going to apply for one,” said Coun. Knowles.

Coun. H. Gomersall seconded Coun. Carlin’s proposal, and, after stating that there was nothing personal intended as far as he was concerned, said the people who had voted this at the Housing Committee had ” entered this thing with their eyes open,” despite his warning.

Coun. R. H. Shephard, defending the Housing Committee’s decision, said they should do what they could to alleviate the difficulties of the woman concerned. She would obtain free coal from the colliery if the tenancy was granted.

Couns. Gomersall, Sheldon and Oldfield spoke in support of reference back, and the Chairman (Coun. B. Roberts), and Couns. Collins, T. Shephard, and A. Wellings in support of the minute. The reference back was carried by seven votes to six.