Denaby Boxing – Territorial Bouts at Denaby.

March 1929

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 18 March 1929

Territorial Bouts at Denaby.

A small but appreciative audience witnessed some excellent boxing bouts at the Territorial Drill Hall, Denaby Main, on Saturday night, which were held in aid of the Company Sports Fund.

Five of the contests failed to go the distance.

H. Harrop, of Conisborough, newcomer to the ring, easily accounted for Corporal Jones, of Denaby, the latter retiring in the second round.

Private Hodgetts beat Private Elks in the third round. Elks was dazed when the towel was thrown in.

P. C. Paddy, of Doncaster, secured similar win over T. Wheatley (Doncaster). H. Drury knocked out Private Clark in the first round.

Bugler Barnes, of Doncaster, beat Private Brannan, of Denaby, in the second round.

The most interesting bout was between Private Leighton and Private Oldfield, both of the Denaby Company, over six rounds. Both exchanged hard blows, and the fight was fast from start finish. Oldfield won on points.

Private Collins, of Denaby, beat H. O’Neal, of Conisborough, on points