Territorial’s Alleged Theft

August 1911

Ripon Observer – Thursday 24 August 1911

Territorial’s Alleged Theft

Ernest Broadbent, of Conisbrough, a corporal in the fifth Battalion K.O.Y.L.I., was charged on information of George Falkingham, of Conisbrough, Sergeant fifth Battalion K.O.Y.L.I., with having on 12 August, at Red Bank camp feloniously stolen the sum of £3 8s in money from the box in a tent, the moneys of the Conisbrough Territorial Club.

Inspector Stancliffe said the accused was arrested at Conisbrough and the constable brought in from Doncaster previous day. He (inspector) warned the witnesses to attend the court at 11 AM that day, but as the Bench where aware the railway service was extremely disorganised, and the witnesses had not arrived, and he asked for a remand until such time as they did arrive.

The Bench granted the application.

Accused Committed To Prison For A Month.

A special court held at 5.30 p.m.on Friday night for with the above case, the magistrates present being Messrs T R Mountain and J T Gilling.

Robt Tomknson stated that he was a colour sergeant attached t, the sth Batt. K.Y.L.1I., stationed at Conisborough. On Friday. the 11th August, had their camp at the Old Race Comte, Ripon. He received from Sergt Falkingham a sum of  £3 8s belonging to the Territorial Club. He wrapped it up in a £5 silver bag and put on it the amount and the fund it belonged to and placed the bag In a wooden box, in the tent. He locked the box. Accused was present when the money was handed to witness and placed In the box. Accused remarked that the box would not take much breaking open. Witness left the tent about 8.30 or 8.45 p.m and returned about 1.15 Sunday. He did not examine the box then but did so about 6.30 a.rn and found it had been broken up. Witness and Colour Sergeant Instructor Malthouse and ex Sergeant Cooke only slept in the tent. Witness found that the bag in question missing. The other money was not taken. He reported this to Captain Archer. During that Sunday he saw the accused and had a conversation with him about the money. He said he knew nothing about it. He had another conversation afterwards with accused in Sergeant Quinnear’s presence. He said he had taken the money and there was someone else in at it as well as him. Witness added that he attended at Ripon Court on the 14th August and took out a warrant against  the accused.

Frederick William Rudd, miner, residing at 10, Warrnsworth Street, Denaby, stated that on Saturday night the 1.2q1 August between 10 and p.m, he was near the tent on the Old Race Course occupied by Tomklnson. He saw the accused leaving the tent. He went down the lines. He had no right in the tent.

John Quinnier, miner, residing at 12, Warmsworth Street, Denaby, stated that be was a sergeant in the Territorials. On Sunday, the 13th August, he saw accused on tbe Old Race Course. He had a conversation with him before Tomkinson came up respecting the money. He said to accused “You’ve got that money.” He said “I’ve not had it. Witness said, “Well,  l’ve inquired in the company and find that you were in the tent and broke the box open.

He said, “It was not me that broke the box open.” Witness said, “Well, you’ve had the money, where Is it I He said, “I have lost It.” Witness then called Colour Sergeant Tomkinson and repeated what he had said to him.

P C John Henry Shepherd, stationed at Copt Hewlett, stated that et 2 pm on the 17th August he received the accused into his custody tody at Doncaster and conveyed him to Ripon Police Station. At 10 a.m that day he cautioned him and read the warrant to him. He replied, ”l did not take the money. I hoped to spend it. I know who took it, but I am not going to say who it was.”

Accused was charged in the usual formal manner and elected to be dealt with summarily. , He pleaded guilty. .

Committed to prison for one month with hard labour.