Territorials Prize Night at Denaby Drill Hall (picture)

November 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 1, 1935

Prize Night at Denaby Drill Hall

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Col W St Andrew Ward Aldam, D.S.O., honorary Col of the 5th territorial battalion, King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, presented the trophies at the annual prize distribution of “the company” (Denaby and Conisborough) in the Denaby Drill Hall on Saturday Night.

Conisborough and Denaby territorials were warmly praised at the drill Hall, Denaby, on Saturday, when, in the presence of a large number of officers, Col St Andrew Ward Aldam, newly appointed Honorary colonel of the Battalion, presented the prizes at the annual prize distribution of the “B” Company of the fifth K.O.Y.L.I.

Capt W.F.Bracewell (Doncaster) officer Commanding the Company presiding, said that this was a sixth occasion on which he had had the opportunity of addressing them on the occasion of their annual prize distribution. The people Denaby should be extremely proud of their territorials. That acquitted themselves well in the last 12 months. They had been placed amongst the first 10 in the National Small Bore Competition, in which 400 teams competed, a very credible feat. Next year they were hoping to win. In local circles they had also done well, winning four of six battalion trophies.

The Company, continued Mr Bracewell, had managed to keep fairly well up to strength, but they were still anxious for young men to come forward, young men were keen, and who did not join because of what they could get out of it. They had been quite satisfied with the number of recruits who had come forward.

Referring to his impending departure from the command of the company, Captain Bracewell said he wished to thank everyone for their support. You had been with the Company 14 years, and he wanted to pay tribute to Maj Smith, to whose foresight and energy the company owed so much. He had to apologise for Maj Smith’s absence that night. It was the first time he had missed a Denaby prize distribution, and he could not pay too high a tribute to the work Major Major Smith had done at Denaby. They were to have in command an officer whom the new and whom they trusted. They knew Mr Kinnear, and felt convinced that with them as their Commanding officer “B” Company gone from strength.

Mr Breslow said when in camp the Company had made only a poor show in sport. He did not know why it was they had not many men who were athletically inclined. He hoped that men would join and help the company in that respect. A fortnight ago he went on a course of instruction to the Northern Command at York, as a result of which a corporal will be trained to instruct the Company in physical training.

This course of classes would be open to anyone who cared to join. It was not a recruiting stunt, but a definite opportunity for any young man in Denaby to improve himself physically. They were open to start the classes before the end of the year.

Col Warde-Aldham said he was proud to make his first appearance in their uniform. He had always taken a great interest in the K.O.Y.L.I.is known was in the centre of the district in which the K.O.Y.L.I. were recruited. He had fought alongside them. In the last year of the war, when he was in the 62nd (West Riding) Division, he had as a neighbour Col Barker (Doncaster), was present that evening.

He congratulated “B” Company. He was particularly fine that the Battalion Cups they had won were for subjects which were important to soldiers. The fact that they had won the cup for recruits not only reflected on the past, but promise well for the future. He was also pleased that they had won the cup for boxing. He attached great importance to boxing.

Col Warde-Aldham said he wanted to congratulate the men and women of Denaby, as well as “the” Company, on the way they supported their Territorials. It was because they were so proud of their “B” company that their lads could be so proud of themselves and put up a very good show in the Territorial Army he wanted congratulate the parents and friends. He wished the Company the best of luck, advised them to keep up their numbers, their efficiency, and their heads.

Col R.G.Royle, whose Col Warde-Aldam succeeds as Battalion Commander, propose a vote of thanks to his successor, and added that he was very grateful for all “B” Company had done during the time he had been connected with the Battalion.

The prize-giving concluded with cheers for the three speakers.


Musketry Competition: N.C.O’s; Sgt H Jarvis; Other ranks; Private Bond

Lewis Gun Competition: N.C.O’s; Cpl Monaghan; Other ranks; Private R.J.Harris

Miniature Range: N.C.O’s; Sgt J.E. Jones; Other ranks; Private Bond


Heavyweight; Lance Corporal G.Swift

Middleweight; Private J.Terney

Welterweight; Cpl C.Botwood

Lightweight; Private F.Dainty

Platoon Cup: No 5 Platoon; Sgt W.J.Robins and 26 others

Recruits Cup: Sgt McGrath and 21 others.

Best Section Cup: No 4 section

Best Recruit of the year Cup; Private Lidster