The Attempted Suicide at Conisborough

February 1892

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 05 February 1892

The Attempted Suicide at Conisborough

Hannah Ward, aged 16, a domestic servant, was charged on remand with having attempted to commit suicide at Conisborough on January 24.

Superintendent Blake stated that since the case had been remanded he had ascertained where the girl’s parents live and her mother was present in court. (The girl, on seeing her mother, cried.”

The Chairman: Mrs Ward, this girl has attempted to take her life.

The mother: Yes sir.

The Chairman: You will take charge of her?

The mother: I am willing to do that, but I had left her in the care long Mrs Shaw, at Conisborough, and I left Denaby shortly before Christmas. She was there as a servant, and I was promised by the woman that she would be good to her; she said she would behave like a mother to her, and I left thinking it was all right. She had been ill using her and turned her out, and I did not know this until I was sent for. That is been the cause of the girl doing it. I have to work very hard for my four children and take care of my husband, who has been an invalid four years.

The Chairman: Something must be done with your daughter.

Superintendent Blake stated that the girl had been in another situation besides the one mentioned by the mother.

The Chairman said as the girl had been in custody for a week, and as the mother promised to take care of her she would be discharged, but this must be a warning to her not to attempt anything of the kind again.

The girl was then set at liberty, still crying.