The “Bag Dirt” Strike – Mass Meeting – Collecting Cards

July 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 11 July 1902

The Strike at Denaby and Cadeby

On Thursday, July 10th, the Denaby Lodge had a further meeting, and though the weather was wet there was a very large attendance in the yard joining the Mason’s Arms Inn, Doncaster Road, Mexborough.

The principal business was to arrange for the issue of collecting cards, cards issued by the local union branch to enable members to show valid credentials when approaching tradesmen and others for donations to help the men on strike.

At the same meeting, Croft, the Chairman, again congratulated members on maintaining good order in the past days and Mr John Nolan, the delegate, also spoke and pointed out that there was a prospect of the district voting for the men having strike pay after the Delegate Council Meeting to be held at Barnsley on the following Monday.

The resolution to continue our present but carried unanimously. The attendance was so great that the gathering overflowed from the yard into Doncaster Road.