The Burial Question at Conisborough

February 1891

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Friday 13 February 1891

The Burial Question at Conisborough

List meeting parishioners was held at Conisborough, the Vicar presiding, for the purpose of deciding as to the amount of loan to be borrowed in connection with the contemplated cemetery. A fortnight ago a meeting was convened for the same purpose, but there was so strong a division of opinion that was considered desirable postpone the matter for fuller consideration.

The Vicar previously intimated that two chapels were best the cemetery for sake of harmony between Church people and Dissenters, and said that if only one chapel was built it must be consecrated. This was disputed at the time.

As soon as the meeting opened last night, the Vicar said the Burial Board had, after further consideration, decided to recommend that one chapel only be built, in deference to the wishes of the ratepayers. (Cheers.)— & discussion followed,

Mr. E. T. Nicholson expressed regret that the chapel was not be consecrated one, and he spoke strongly in favour of half the cemetery being consecrated—The Vicar said he could fully sympathise with those feelings.

Mr. Clarkson, a member of the Burial Board, said, the new Archbishop had expressed his intention of not consecrating any more cemeteries.

Mr. Whitfield spoke strongly against the action of the Burial Board during the past year, and the Vicar protested against such remarks, and said the members had better resign if there was no confidence in them.

Mr. G. Walker, J.P., a member of the board, also indignantly protested.

A resolution was passed on the motion of Mr. W. H. Smith, seconded by Mr. Gillott, that only one chapel be built in the cemetery, and that the loan consist of £1,500 —This was carried amid cheers.—A vote confidence in the Burial Board was passed.