The Burial Question at Conisbro’ – Lively Proceedings.

January 1891

Sheffield Independent – Friday 30 January 1891

The Burial Question at Conisbro’

Lively Proceedings.

A parish meeting was held at Conisbro’ last night, to consider the question of sanctioning the borrowing of a loan for the purposes of a cemetery.

The Vicar explained that the cost was approximated to be £2,200 if only one chapel (a consecrated one) wa.s built on tbe ground, and £2,700 if two were erected. He recommended two, as he thought that would be likely to prevent any un- pleasantness.

Mr. Wigfield protested that both items were by far too large.

Mr. G. Appleyard contended that one chapel would suffice and he questioned whether it was necessary to have it consecrated. Certain places were mentioned where it was declared consecration had not been adopted.

Mr. W. H. Smith drew attention to the heavy expenditure that seemed imminent, and he said they ought to very carefully consider the matter, seeing it was one they could deal with.

Mr. Clarkson and Mr. Holmes, members of the Burial Board, spoke against the expenditure of the larger item, and the former member expressed regret that the members of the press was not allowed to report the proceedings of the Burial Board, so that the public could see what was said and done. (Hear, hear.)

The Vicar was understood to say that the meeting could not decide that there should be only one chapel, and he emphatically declared that it must be consecrated

Mr G Appleyard expressed surprise at the Vicar’s remarks.

Mr. Wigfield said he was decidedly against the whole thing, and he moved that it be postponed, so that the parishioners could have the opportunity of thinking over the matter, and in hope of a better attendance.

Mr. G. Walker, J.P., Mr. Caleb Kilner, and Mr. G. W. Chambers spoke in support of the action of the Burial Board, of which they are members.

The motion in favour of the adjournment of the matter was carried by a large majority.