The Case of Suicide at Conisborough.

October 1887

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 06 October 1887

The Case of Suicide at Conisborough.

Mr. J. G. Nicholson, deputy coroner, held an inquiry the Castle Inn, Conisborough, yesterday afternoon, touching Elizabeth Blurton, aged 64 living at Clifton, near Conisborough, who was found drowned in river Don on previous day.

Wm. Tyson, a huckster, living at Clifton, said deceased was his sister-in-law, and that she left his house on the previous day. She had suffered considerably from her head, and the doctor had said that had softening of the brain.

Ann Corker, wife of Alfred Corker, collier, said Tuesday afternoon she saw the deceased going towards the river Don. Noticing that she had a strange look, she told her son to watch her. Some time after the boy came back and said he had seen her jump into the river. He had followed her, but was not in time to save her.

Her body was got out about ten minutes afterwards by the wife of a farmer living near, but life was extinct.

A verdict of “Suicide whilst temporarily insane ” was given